Our Team

Kathy Cox ATR, LMT, LCPC

I am an Art Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. I have had both professions for 30 plus years. I love connecting others to the metaphors of their internal life through art. Seeing ones issues in an art form, college, picture, drawing or sculpture is rewarding. Transforming the internal struggle into an art form is a passion of mine

Erin Bergren LCPC

LIcensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Erin, is a clinical supervisor of staff at Children Home and Aid. He has developed and supervised staff with two programs: SAFE and PAIP (partner abuse intervention program) offenders. He has extensive experience working with children served in INTACT FOSTER and specialized programs, as well as with families, individuals, and in handling social and emotional crises related to all types of mental illness. He is able to collaborate effectively with staff and resources, utilizing a range of therapeutic approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), person-centered therapy, and gestalt interventions. This therapist's diverse experience and skill set make him a valuable asset to the Children Home and Aid team and to the individuals and families he serves. 

Misty Chippalla LSW 

Licensed Social Worker

Misty has been a social worker in Community Mental Health and school social work for 30 years. She is passionate about fostering rescue dogs. 

Angela DiDomenico LSW 

Licensed Social Worker

Angela has years of experience. She currently works full time as a school social worker and part time in private practice. 

 Kelly Engel LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Kelly has 13 years of experience. 

Ben Mullineux LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Ben is dedicated and compassionate to his purpose as a Social Worker. He has worked at hospice, where he provided end-of-life support to individuals who are facing their final journey. He is well-versed in identifying resources for patients and their families, to help make the transition to post-discharge care as smooth as possible. Additionally, the therapist completes assessments for depression and alcohol, and offers therapy to individuals, children, couples, and even forest preservationists. He has a deep love for the outdoors, and often incorporates nature-based activities into his therapy sessions. With his combination of expertise and empathy, he helps clients and their families navigate problems. 

Sara Pottinger LCPC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Sara in a private practice setting & works with a diverse range of clients, including adults, children, teens, and families. In addition to providing therapy in the private practice setting, the therapist has experience working with incarcerated inmates and supervising a crisis program. They have co-led addiction groups for adolescents and provided continuing education training for staff. The therapist has also been involved in grant writing, demonstrating a commitment to advancing the field and improving access to care for those in need. 

Jessica Trudeau LSW

Licensed Social Worker

Jessica is a highly skilled and experienced therapist. She has a diverse background from the Military to a correctional facility, collaborating with judges and providing resources for inmates after their release. With a strong focus on coordination of care, she has effectively worked with probation officers, other court entities, DCFS, and healthcare facilities. In addition to her role as a DUI and substance abuse counselor, she also has experience working with individuals, teens, and adults in private practice, providing compassionate and tailored support to meet the unique needs of each client.